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NaturalReader converts any text, PDF, image, webpage and physical book into natural-sounding audio featuring the newest and highest AI voice technology.
Natural A.I. Plus Voices
We provide the newest and highest technology of AI voices built on LLM technology. LLM AI voices are natural, and multilingual across 40+ languages, creating an authentic read-along experience for any student.
Listen Anywhere with 3 Supported Apps
Web App
Powerful online text to speech app for any browser.
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Mobile App
Built for listening on the go. Available for iOS and Android.
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Chrome Extension
Listen to any online text such as emails, news, articles, and Google Docs.
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Voice Cloning
Create your own AI voice, ready to read in over 100 languages!
Voice Cloning
Listen to any text with NaturalReader
Supports PDF and 20+ Formats pdf, txt, epub, doc(x), ppt(x), xls(x), numbers, pages, key, csv, odt, ods, odp, html, rtf, xlt, psd, bmp, png, xml, svg, cdr, eps, psw, dot, tiff, and more.
Download documents to listen offline with natural AI voices.
Make physical text and books more accessible with our OCR Camera Scanner.
Create notes and highlight important text for studying.
Pronunciation Editor
Easily edit the pronunciation of any word.
Multilingual LLM voices can naturally read documents in different languages.
A.I. Text Filter
Filter out unwanted text such as headers, footers, graphs and images.
Closed Caption
Read along with word-by-word highlight, enlarged text size and the option to turn on dyslexia font.
NaturalReader is designed to make reading more accessible for individuals with dyslexia, ADHD and other reading-based learning differences.
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Personal Subscriptions
$0 / year
$9.99 / month
(Or $59.88/ year)
$19.00 / month
(Or $110 / year)
Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend that all customers try before you buy. You can try the application for free from this page or by clicking on the 'Online Reader' link from our website: https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/

By default, all subscriptions are set to auto-renew at the end of the billing period but you can turn this off at any time by selecting 'Cancel Subscription' from your account's Billing Information. After you cancel, paid service will continue until the end of the current billing period without renewal.

Cancelling your subscription will not automatically initiate a refund, which is done by request only.

Yearly subscribers of NaturalReader Online may request a refund for up to 30 days after the subscription start/renewal date and monthly subscribers may request a refund for up to 14 days. To request a refund, please contact us through our website's help system (click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner).

*Cancelling from the NaturalReader Online platform will have no effect on your NaturalReader Commercial subscription if you are subscribed to both versions. To cancel your Commercial subscription, please do so from your Billing Settings by logging in directly to NaturalReader Commercial.

**The above policy applies to NaturalReader Online only. For cancellation policies for NaturalReader Commercial, please see that product page or our website's Policies section for more information.

All paid subscriptions for NaturalReader Online include mp3 conversion for up to 1 million characters per month. This limit is applied to mp3 conversions only, not for basic text-to-speech from reading directly from the application. This limit resets the same day as your renewal.

Audio files generated using NaturalReader Online are permitted for personal use only. For any non-personal, commercial, or public use or redistribution of the audio files, please check out NaturalReader Commercial.

Personal use means that only you the individual purchaser may use the software or application for your own private listening. Audio files created with the personal-use versions cannot be used publicly (including on websites or YouTube videos), commercially, or otherwise redistributed in any way. Only you may create the audio files for only yourself to enjoy and they cannot be utilized or made available to any other systems or people.

Please keep in mind that 'internal' or 'non-profit' use (such as for messaging systems or training videos) nonetheless requires a commercial license to allow redistribution of the audio content.

For any non-personal use, please check out NaturalReader Commercial, which is a separate application.

Languages available with Premium Voices:

A total of 50+ voices for English (US, UK); Dutch; French (European, Canadian); German; Italian; Portuguese (European, Brazilian); Spanish (European, Mexican, US); and Swedish.

Languages available with Plus Voices:

An additional 50 voices for English (US, UK, Australian, Indian, Welsh); Danish; Dutch; French (European, Canadian); German; Icelandic; Italian; Norwegian; Polish; Portuguese (European, Brazilian); Romanian; Russian; Spanish (European, US); Swedish; Turkish; and Welsh.
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