Simple plans for everyone

$ 0

Web Free

  • 20 minutes per day for Premium Voices
  • Unlimited usage of Free Voices
  • Supports PDF, Docx, RTF and TXT documents
  • Chrome Extension reads webpages & GoogleDocs
$ 9. 99 USD / month

( or $ 59. 88 USD / year )

Web Premium

  • Unlimited text-to-speech conversion
  • 57 different Premium Voices available
  • Supports PDF, Docx, and text documents
  • Convert audio for up to 1,000,000 characters per month
$ 15. 90 USD / month

( or $ 95. 88 USD / year )

Premium Plus

  • All features of Web Premium included
  • Listen to scanned PDFs and images with OCR function
  • Convert audio for up to 1,000,000 characters per month

Listen to your documents anywhere, anytime

Access, create, and edit your documents online wherever you go—from your phone, tablet, or computer. As an online application, it is always up to date. The application is also accessible from your mobile device. Login from your mobile to Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive to more easily upload your documents on the go for reading.

Never be bored with the same voices again

NaturalReader Web Premium and Web Premium Plus includes access to   0  natural sounding voices from 9 different languages, and the number is still growing.

Supports multiple document formats

NaturalReader Online supports PDF, txt, doc(x), ods, odt, pages,ppt(x), png, jpeg and non-DRM epub files. All PDFs uploaded preserves its original formatting.

Not only text to speech, but also image to speech

Use the OCR function to listen to your printed books, scanned PDFs, and images. The OCR (optical character recognition) functions by capturing text from images and converting that information into a digitized text which can then be read aloud by NaturalReader.

*OCR is available with the Premium Plus plan only.

Create audio MP3 files

Easily convert your documents directly to downloadable MP3 files to listen to on your favourite device offline or while you're on-the-go. All paid subscription plans allow text to mp3 conversion for up to 1,000,000 characters per month.
(For personal use only. For non-personal use, please see NaturalReader Commercial.)

Pronunciation Editor

Use the Pronunciation Editor for even more control over your listening experience. Use phonetic spelling to correct or improve on the pronunciation of any word in any language. This can be essential for accommodating foreign words, names, or phrases, fictional place names, or unique given names.

NaturalReader is intelligent

New to NaturalReader are our header and footnote settings. With these settings, NaturalReader can automatically skip the reading of headers and footnotes on the page. You can also manually adjust PDF document margins to better exclude or include certain text in your file.

Chrome Extension

Listen to Webpages and Google Docs. Sit back, relax, press play and enjoy having your articles, emails, or news read aloud to you.

Add to Chrome Now, it is FREE.


NEW! Dyslexia Font

NaturalReader Online is now available with Dyslexia Font! This typeface was specifically designed as a reading aid to help dyslexic readers. Its unique shapes may help ease some of the struggles dyslexic readers have when reading from typical font.
TRY IT NOW by clicking Settings and switch "Dyslexia Font" to ON.

*Dyslexia Font applies to inputted text only.

What’s the difference between NaturalReader Online and NaturalReader software?

NaturalReader Online
Can be accessed from any computer.
Access to all Premium Voices.
Subscription pricing.
Always up to date.
NaturalReader software
Each license allowed for installation and use on one computer only.
Access to 2-6 Premium voices, additional voices are $39.50 each.
One-time payment.
After 180 days, updating to the latest version requires $49.50.


What is the refund policy for NaturalReader Online’s Web Premium and Premium Plus plans?

We strongly recommend that all customers try before you buy. You can try the application for free from this page or by clicking on the ‘Online Reader’ link from our website:

You can cancel the auto-renewal for your subscription at any time through your Account Settings. Your account will continue to be active until the end of your billing cycle.

Refunds may be issued within 30 days of purchase only. If you encounter any problems with the application or have questions about your billing, please contact us at sales

Are there limits to converting documents to audio mp3 files in NaturalReader Online?

Yes, a Web Premium account allows audio mp3 conversion for up to 1,000,000 characters per 1 year term.

Upgrade to NaturalReader Web Premium Plus for 5,000,000 characters per year.

For unlimited audio mp3 conversion, please take a look at our NaturalReader software versions (Personal, Professional, and Ultimate).

(NaturalReader Personal Web App and NaturalReader software versions are for personal use only.)

Does NaturalReader Online support Kindle or iBook?

NaturalReader cannot directly open any DRM-protected files, including eBooks from Kindle or iBook.The app is capable of reading eBook .epub files, but only if the file is not DRM-protected.

DRM “Digital Rights Manage” is a security measure that prevents the unauthorized redistribution of digital media. This prevents any third party programs from opening DRM-protected file types.