Making Reading More Accessible
A.I. Text to Speech for EDU
A.I. Text to Speech for EDU
A.I. Text to Speech for EDU
NaturalReader EDU provides discounted AI text-to-speech applications to assist students with learning differences and fuel academic success. School Administrators can choose between a Group or Site License for their school.
Natural A.I. Plus Voices
We provide the newest and highest technology of AI voices built on LLM technology. LLM AI voices are natural, and multilingual across 40+ languages, creating an authentic read-along experience for any student.
Voice Cloning
Create your own AI voice, ready to read in over 100 languages
Voice Cloning
3 Ways Students can use NaturalReader
Web App
Online text to speech app for any browser
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Mobile App
For iOS and Android
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Chrome Extension
Listen to emails, webpages and Google docs
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NaturalReader is designed to make education more accessible for students with dyslexia, ADHD and other reading-based learning differences.
Closed Caption
Read along with word-by-word highlight, enlarged text size and the option to turn on dyslexia font.
Dyslexia Friendly Font
Dyslexia Font is specially designed for people with dyslexia to help with enhancing the ease of reading and comprehension.
Download documents to listen offline with natural AI voices.
Make physical text and books more accessible with our OCR Camera Scanner.
Create notes and highlight important text for studying.
Pronunciation Editor
Easily edit the pronunciation of any word.
Multilingual LLM voices can naturally read documents in different languages.
A.I. Text Filter
Filter out unwanted text such as headers, footers, graphs and images
EDU Subscriptions
Free License
Try EDU for Free
$0 / year
Group License
Special Education, Groups,
and Classes
$199 / year
Site License
Based on Enrollment,
Minimum order required
As Low As $1.50 / user / year
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Frequently Asked Questions

Dyslexia and other reading-based learning disabilities are most common among students. NaturalReader text-to-speech makes learning more accessible by assisting with any reading, taking tests and promoting independence.

Students can have any text they need to read, read aloud to them so they can read along. Having the text provided both visually and auditory, allows the student to focus less on the act of reading, and more on the comprehension of the content. Other features like dyslexia font, flexible reading speeds, and highlighted text also ease the task of finishing readings.

For most students, learning does not stop when school ends. NaturalReader EDU enables students to be more independent and assists with learning at home. Whether they’re doing homework, reading at home, or just surfing the web, our Chrome Extension and Mobile Application are always available.

A NaturalReader EDU Site License provides text-to-speech applications for the entire school. Under a site license, the school must register with their school email domain, to give every student with an email address access. Site License pricing is structured around total student enrolment in that school year and is best suited for a user base of 1000+.

A NaturalReader EDU Group License is built to provide smaller groups of students access to our applications. Most Group Licenses are for special education groups and individual classes. Group Licenses can be for any number of students (minimum 5), and offer flexible pricing that is able to fit into most schools' budgets.

A NaturalReader EDU Subscription is managed and purchased by the school to give access to their students. The administrator in charge of the EDU account is responsible for managing what students have access to the EDU account.

Students will have a personal email-based account through which they can access our Online Reader, Chrome Extension and Mobile Application. One personal account connects all applications and creates a library of recordings. Students can listen to uploaded text and documents with the apps and listen to websites directly with the extension using our high-quality text-to-speech voices.

No! NaturalReader only requires an email address and password for account registration and no user data is used for AI voice training or saved in ChatGPT.

The only data Administrators of the EDU account will have access to, is the last access time of students.

Both our Plus and Premium Subscriptions feature all of our paid features (MP3 Download, Camera Scanner for physical text, Ask.AI and AI Text Filtering).

The only difference between the two subscription options is the AI voice quality. Plus Subscriptions allow students to listen with our most natural-sounding Plus AI Voices, as well as our new multilingual LLM voices. Our Premium Subscription allows users to use all of our Premium non-AI voices.