FAQ - NaturalReader Online (Web Premium and Premium Plus)

  • Sales

  • What is the cost and terms of a NaturalReader Online subscription?

    Both yearly and monthly billing options are available for the Web Premium and Premium Plus plans with NaturalReader Online. From the order page, after selecting a plan, you will be given the option for monthly or yearly billing (all amounts are in USD):

    Web Premium (monthly): $4.99/month

    Web Premium (yearly): $59.88/year

    Premium Plus (monthly): $15.90/month

    Premium Plus (yearly): $95.88/year

  • I cannot access the application.

    Please check to see that you’re using the latest browser version available for Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. NaturalReader is not supported on Internet Explorer. Clearing your browser’s cache, refreshing, and logging in again will also help resolve various issues with access or login.

  • How do I update credit card?

    You can update your card information from your Billing Settings (while logged into NR Online, click on More > Billing Settings.

    If you have a failed invoice payment, our system will automatically attempt the charge again 3 days after the initial renewal date. If the payment fails a second time, your subscription will not renew and will be cancelled with immediate effect.

  • How many users does each account apply to?

    NaturalReader Online only offers single user licenses. Each account permits only one active user at a time.

  • What is personal use?

    Personal use means that only you the individual purchaser may use the software or application for your own private use. Audio files created with the personal-use versions cannot be used publicly (including on the internet such as YouTube videos), commercially, or otherwise redistributed in any way. Only you may create the audio files for only yourself to use and not utilized by any other systems or people.

    Please keep in mind that ‘internal use’ (such as for messaging systems or training videos) nonetheless requires a commercial license to allow redistribution of the audio content.

  • What is the difference between the Web Premium and Premium Plus plans?

    Premium Plus comes with unlimited use of the OCR feature, which is required in order to read from text images such as scanned documents, inaccessible PDFs, or pictures. OCR is not included with the Web Premium subscription.

  • What does the 1 000 000 character limit mean?

    With the NaturalReader Online plans, you can convert text into downloadable mp3 files. This feature is limited to 1 000 000 characters for mp3 conversion per month for all subscription plans. The text to speech conversion itself is unlimited—this limit only applies if you are looking to download the audio as an mp3 file.

    If you’re concerned about these limitations, we recommend you take a look at the NaturalReader software versions. Personal, Professional, and Ultimate all can convert the text into downloadable audio files, and this feature is unlimited in all those versions (for personal use only).

  • I already own a software version of NaturalReader. Can I get a discount for NaturalReader Online?

    Unfortunately, no. The software and online application are 2 different versions and each must be purchased separately.

  • Can I use NaturalReader Online to create announcements or post videos on YouTube?

    No. NaturalReader Online is for personal use only. It cannot be used for any commercial or public purposes whatsoever. Any generated audio files cannot be redistributed in any way. This disallows NaturalReader Online for being used for such things like YouTube videos, eLearning, announcements, advertisements, or any type of broadcasting.

    NaturalReader Online may be used in a corporate setting by employees as a personal use supplemental aide, but it cannot be used in relation to any business services, whether paid or not. This also excludes NaturalReader Online from being used to narrate any internal training videos, automated voice messages, or announcements.

    NaturalReader Online may also be used in educational settings, such as schools or libraries, but cannot be used to create eLearning material.

    All the exclusions mentioned here can be done with a paid subscription to the NaturalReader Commercial version.

  • Can I purchase NaturalReader Online with a purchase order?

    No. We cannot accept purchase orders for any of the NaturalReader subscription products. We strongly encourage our customers to purchase our subscription products directly from our website whenever possible. Our automatic management system is best suited to handle new registrations for the online NaturalReader products. Unlike the software products which can easily be delivered and paid through various options in a one-off transaction, NaturalReader Online, as a subscription service, requires much more complex management. For this reason, we cannot accept any purchase orders for this version.

  • Subscription Cancellation & Refunds?

    We strongly recommend that all customers try before you buy. You can try the application for free from this page or by clicking on the ‘Online Reader’ link from our website:


    By default, all subscriptions are set to auto-renew at the end of the billing period but you can turn this off at any time by selecting ‘Cancel Subscription’ from your account’s Billing Settings. After you cancel, paid service will continue until the end of the current billing period without renewal.

    Cancelling your subscription will not automatically initiate a refund, which is done manually by request only. Yearly subscribers to NaturalReader Online may request a refund for up to 30 days after the original subscription order date, and for up to 14 days for monthly subscribers. To request a refund, please contact us through our website’s help system (click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner).

  • Technical Support

  • I’m having problems verifying my email address or resetting my password.

    First, please check if the verification code email was sent to your junk/spam folder. If the email is not received within 20 minutes, please contact us through our website’s help system (click on the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner) with your purchase email and we will help you complete the verification process.

  • Where do I download NaturalReader Online? How do I login?

    NaturalReader Online is a web-based application. It’s not a software, so there are no files you need to download. Simply login from your browser from any computer with an internet connection to begin using the service. NaturalReader Online can also function from your mobile browser.

    Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Please note that NaturalReader may not perform well with older versions of Windows Explorer.

    Login to your account from https://www.naturalreaders.com/online/, click ‘Login’ in the upper right corner and select ‘Free Sign-Up/Login’. If you already have an account, click on ‘Login’ at the bottom. Enter your email address and password and you’re ready to go.

  • What files does NaturalReader Online support?

    NaturalReader Online supports doc, docx, text, accessible PDFs, and non-DRM eBooks (epub).

  • Will NaturalReader Online work with Kindle or iBooks?

    No. DRM-protected files such as eBooks from iBooks or Kindle cannot be opened in NaturalReader. The app is capable of reading eBook .epub files, but only if the file is not DRM-protected.

    DRM “Digital Rights Manage” is a security measure intended to prevent the unauthorized redistribution of digital media. This prevents any third party programs from opening DRM-protected file types.

  • Why won’t NaturalReader Online read my PDF?

    It is likely because it contains images with inaccessible text. PDFs that are not properly tagged for accessibility cannot be accessed by speech synthesizers since there is no information embedded in the file for the program to properly interpret and read out. There are various types of PDF files, depending on where they originated. Digitally created PDFs are “accessible” because there is meta information embedded within the file that allows a speech synthesizer to extract the text and read it aloud.

    In contrast, “inaccessible PDFs,” “scanned PDFs,” or “image-only PDFs” are those that originated from something like a scanner or when image files are inserted into the PDF file. These kinds of PDFs do not have the encoded meta-information of the text itself embedded in the file to allow a speech synthesizer to read it. It only shows the text as a “locked” snapshot-like image, with no way for a speech synthesizer to ‘know’ what characters are actually in the document. It can only read direct text, not images of text.

    For documents that contain images, you would need the OCR (optical character recognition) feature to first convert it into a readable file. This feature is available with the Premium Plus plan.

  • What voices can I use to convert to mp3?

    The voices that can be used for audio conversion differ slightly from the voice list in the Online Reader, depending on which web browser you are using. If you use Google Chrome to login to your account, some Google built-in voices, such as Gabriella or Spanish Anna, will appear in the voice list as well as other licensed voices from different voice providers. All these voices are able to to read any text you input, but only licensed voices can be used for audio conversion. We’re sorry for any inconvenience.

  • How do I read from webpages?

    All NaturalReader Online subscriptions come with unlimited use of our NaturalReader Chrome Extension, which reads from standard webpages and Google Docs. To begin, please search for ‘NaturalReader’ in the Chrome Web Store. You can login through the extension to unlock unlimited use of the Premium Voices.