FAQ - NaturalReader Commercial

  • Sales

  • What is the cost of NaturalReader Commercial?

    NaturalReader Commercial is a web-based subscription service. There are 3 plans available:

    Single License (1 user): $49.50/ month (billed yearly)

    Team License (4 users): $79/ month (billed yearly)

    Monthly Plan (1 user): $99/ month (billed monthly)

    Please note that the Single License and Team License both require yearly billing. When you sign up for a Single License or Team License, you will be billed for 12 months of service.

    We strongly encourage our customers to sign up for the 7-day free trial prior to making a purchase decision.

  • How can I try out NaturalReader Commercial?

    We provide a free 7-day trial version to let you fully evaluate our NaturalReader Commercial application before you make a purchase decision. Please take advantage of the trial version to make sure that NaturalReader Commercial meets your needs before purchasing a license. You have no obligations to purchase and you won’t be asked to provide any payment information until you decide to buy. You can read more details about Commercial and sign up for a trial from our pricing page:


  • How many users does the license apply to?

    It depends on which plan you decide to go with. The Single License and Monthly Plan are both for 1 user only.

    The Team License allows up to 4 users. The registered account holder may authorize an additional 3 Team Members to use NaturalReader Commercial by sending them an email invite from their account’s Membership settings. Upon receiving the invite, the Team Member will be prompted to create their own login ID and password to use the service with. The registered account holder may also delete and add additional Team Members from the account settings.

  • What’s the difference in features between the Single License, Team License, and Monthly Plan?

    There are no difference in features between these difference plans. The only difference between them is user access and billing. The Team License permits up to 4 users at a time whereas the Single License and Monthly Plan are both for 1 user only.

    In terms of billing, the Single License and Team License both require yearly billing.

  • What’s the difference between the personal use versions (NaturalReader Online and NaturalReader Software) and the Commercial version?

    NaturalReader Commercial is the only one of our products that allows you to use the application and voices for commercial or public use. This includes, but is not limited, to: YouTube videos, public announcements, broadcasts, and e-Learning. The non-commercial versions (software versions Personal, Professional, Ultimate and NaturalReader Online ) are for personal use only. Those versions and their voices cannot be used for any public or commercial purposes.

    NaturalReader Commercial does not directly read from documents. Text must be entered manually or copy & pasted in. NaturalReader only provides the means to convert your text into audio files permitted for commercial use. Depending on what you’re using the audio files to create, you may be required to use other programs to complete your multi-media projects.

  • Are there any restrictions for how I use the generated voice files?

    No, all the voices in the Commercial version can be used for any purposes provided that the user is authorized to distributed the content of the text itself.

  • Are there any limitations to the amount I can convert?

    With an active Commercial account, there are no limitations at all to the amount of text you can upload, convert, or download.

  • Do I have to pay a distribution fee to continue use materials created after my subscription ends?

    No. You may continue to use any generated files and content that was created while your account was active even after your subscription ends. There are no additional fees or requirements for their continued use.

  • What voices will I get with NaturalReader Commercial?

    With a paid account, you will have unlimited access to all 52 (and counting) synthesized voices we have available for commercial use. Languages included are:

    English, Japanese, Turkish, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, Norwegian, Italian, Icelandic, French, Spanish, German, Danish, and Welsh.

    Some regional voices are also available, including US and UK English, French Canadian, and Brazilian Portuguese. Please sign up for a free trial to view and sample all the voices available.

  • I’m worried about security. Are the contents of my projects secure?

    We understand that security and privacy is a concern, so the application is set up so that the contents of your upload are saved only to your local browser’s cache. If you erase your browser’s history, you will also erase all text you’ve uploaded to the program. If you login using a different computer, you would not be able to see what you’ve uploaded from the other computer. Similarly, other team members using NR Commercial would also not be able to see or retrieve any text that others have uploaded–only what is currently on their own devices’ cache.

    Consequently, we recommend that users write and save their text in an alternate program or means, and copy and paste that content into NR Commercial as needed since it is not intended to permanently save any content uploaded for security reasons.

    When you upload text to be converted to audio, it is sent to our servers only during the conversion process. After the text is converted, it is permanently deleted from our servers. We cannot view or access any content you upload, and that content is never saved permanently in any way.

  • Can I purchase NaturalReader Commercial using a purchase order?

    No. We cannot accept purchase orders for any of the NaturalReader subscription products. We ask that our customers purchase the subscription products directly from our website whenever possible. Our automatic management system is best suited to handle new registrations for the online NaturalReader products. Unlike the software products which can easily be delivered and paid through various options in a one-off transaction, NaturalReader Online, as a subscription service, requires much more complex management. For this reason, we cannot accept any purchase orders for this version.

  • What is the return policy for NaturalReader Commercial?

    We have a strict no-refund policy for all NaturalReader subscription products. All NaturalReader Commercial subscription plans are non-refundable. We provide a free 7-day trial for users to sample NaturalReader Commercial prior to making a purchase decision. We believe this allows sufficient time for our customers to fully evaluate our product and be assured of its performance.

    Once the payment is made, no refunds will be given. We have this policy because service begins as soon as your initial payment is processed and it would be impossible for you to return your generated audio files of licensed voices.

    By default, your account will be set to auto-renew. You can turn this off at any time from your account’s Billing Settings. If you cancel your subscription, no previous charges will be refunded, but you may continue to use the service until the end of the term you paid for.

  • Technical Support

  • How do I download NaturalReader Commercial?

    NaturalReader Commercial is a web-based application. It’s not a software, so there are no files you need to download. Simply login from your browser from any computer with an internet connection to begin using the service.

    Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge. Please note that NaturalReader may not perform well with older versions of Windows Explorer.

  • How do I login to NaturalReader Commercial?

    Login to your account from the main Commercial page:


    Click ‘Login’ in the upper right corner. Enter your email address and password and you’re ready to go.

  • How do I transfer my projects if I’m upgrading to the new version or changing browsers?

    1) Login to your Commercial account directly from our website.

    2) From the main Library page, select ‘Cannot find your saved project?’

    3) Click on the ‘download your old project here’ link. A zip folder with your old projects will download.

    4) Unzip the downloaded folder. You’ll now have your projects saved as .nkl files.
    a) If you’re not intending to change browsers, return to the Library page.
    b) If you’re changing browsers, open up the browser you want to change to and login to your Commercial account directly from our website.

    5) On the main Library page, click on ‘Import’.

    6) Select the .nkl files you’ve just unzipped, click ‘Open’, and your projects will be imported.

  • How do I transfer my projects to a new or different computer?

    1) Login to your Commercial account using the old computer.

    2) On the main Library page, hover your mouse over the projects listed. Icons will appear to the right under the ‘Actions’ column.

    3) Click the green arrow ‘Export’ icon to export the project. It will be saved to your desktop in an .nkl format.

    4) Repeat if necessary. Each project will need to be exported individually.

    5) Save the .nkl files to a flash-drive, cloud storage, or email them to yourself as attachments—use any means you prefer to transfer and save these files to your new computer.

    6) From your new computer, login to your Commercial account.

    7) From the main Library page, click on ‘Import’.

    8) Select the .nkl files and click ‘Open’. Your old projects will now be accessible.